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Hooker Integrated Training

At HIT, we recognize the intrinsic value of corporate health and fitness programs and we work with companies to create a culture that supports these goals. Read more about our customized corporate fitness programs.

Personal Training & Coaching

Ja’Warren works with clients of ALL fitness levels and abilities. He offers personalized training for general fitness & weight loss, injury recovery and sports performance. More information on Personal Training and Coaching.

Mobile Body Composition Analysis

An essential tool for monitoring success with your health and fitness goals. Monitoring can help you undertand how your diet, lifestyle and exercise regime are influencing your body composition. Learn more about Mobile Composition Analysis

Ja’Warren has kept me in physical shape for many years, but his expertise in ‘fitness’ extends into nutrition, lifestyle, and maybe even a little psychology.  My body and my mind value our relationship with Ja’Warren very highly.

Rich Bartonfounder of Zillow, Expedia and Glassdoor

Personal training as an on-site benefit for our employees has been a resounding success.”

Valve Corporation
Valve Corporation

“Ja’Warren Hooker has taken care of patients of mine as they have recovered from complex cardiac disorders and heart surgery. I have found him to be personable, professional, capable and a vital part of the recovery of these patients to a healthy lifestyle.”

Dr. Howard Lewis, M.DSwedish Heart and Vascular Clinic, Seattle WA

“Mr. Hooker is a professional who wins the respect of his clients through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out their best. I can confidently recommend Mr. Hooker for personal training.”

Jill JesurumPh.D, ARNP, FAHA

In a word, Ja’Warren is a consummate professional. He gets the job done: he pushes you to the reasonable next level, and he is great to work with. My wife Barrie also works out 2-3 times per week with Ja’Warren. She feels equally positive about both Ja’Warren’s capabilities and professionalism.

Richard GalantiExecutive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Costco

HIT is an important part of our employee-focused culture. We’ve seen great results!

Gabe NewellValve
Our health and fitness programs begin making a difference right away.  We offer two services for fitness and training.  HIT – Hooker Integrated Training designs and delivers corporate on-site fitness and wellness programs.  Our Personal Training and Fitness coaches work one on one with individual clients.

HIT-Corporate-Fitness-Geek-WireHIT – Hooker Integrated Training in Geek Wire magazine‘Stay Healthy While at Work’

As a lifelong athlete and career health coach, I work with all fitness levels to achieve individually tailored goals.  If you are looking to optimize your company’s performance, I will design an efficient, sustainable and integrated approach to developing loyal, happy, healthy and committed employees.  I will create a program targeted specifically to your company, your culture, and your people.
Helping others achieve peak physical health and emotional well-being is my passion. To schedule a session, contact Ja’Warren.